Dear Delegates,

I'm Sakki Joseph, and I'm writing to you with a sense of duty and dedication as I officially announce my candidacy for SREC Committeeman in Senate District 18. It is essential to recognize the important role that SREC committeemen play in shaping the future of our party and state. Our responsibilities are broad and critical, ranging from policy development to grassroots engagement.

I bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm that our party needs to connect with new voters and shape our future. I've served as a PCT chair, grassroots activist, and leader of a Conservative Forum that successfully attracted a large number of new voters. I am humbled by the opportunity to take on these responsibilities on behalf of the hardworking people of Senate District 18.

I promise to be a strong supporter of our party's principles and values. From fiscal responsibility to individual liberty, I believe in upholding the fundamental conservative beliefs that have made our party strong. As your SREC committeeman, I will work tirelessly to ensure these principles guide our party's decisions at all levels. I will be accessible and responsive to your concerns and feedback. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we will ensure that every Republican in Senate District 18 has a say in our party's future.

I request your vote at the GOP Texas State Convention in San Antonio. With your support and trust, I am confident we can create a better future for our party, state, and future generations.


Sakki Joseph For SREC Senate District 18

Leadership and Commitment

Joseph is a Christian conservative who is deeply involved in the community, having served as Precinct Chair and Delegate for the Fort Bend County Republican Party. In addition, Joseph serves as Secretary of the Texas Conservative Forum, where he actively educates people on the importance of conservative beliefs at the grassroots level.

He's well-known for his leadership in his local area, where he's been involved in lots of projects. Now, Joseph is aiming for a new role: he wants to represent Texas GOP SREC Senate District 18. His main goal is to keep supporting conservative ideas and to stand up for his community with honesty.

Joseph's journey shows his real commitment to his beliefs, his conservative values, and his wish to make a good change in politics. He's already shown he can stand up for what he believes in, both locally and across the state. As he takes on this new challenge, Joseph brings a lot of experience and a strong desire to help others.

More than just winning votes, Joseph's campaign is about sticking to what he thinks is right and fighting for it. He's easy to talk to and understands people from all backgrounds. He listens carefully to their problems and works hard to find answers that help everyone.

For the people of Senate District 18, Joseph is a trusted leader who will stand up for their values and work tirelessly for them. His campaign is a great example of how important it is to be involved in your community. With Joseph in charge, they know they have someone who will always support conservative ideas and make a real difference in their lives.

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